Trinity Today

Trinity Today

History of Trinity

October 1903

    The Presbytery of Puget Sound asked the Rev. Robert Cooper to establish a church near Greenlake in Seattle.  There were four families from First United Presbyterian Church living in the vicinity and no churches nearby.  Lots were purchased at North 75th Street and Orin Court for the establishment of a new church.
March 4, 1904
    The Presbytery commissioned Dr. W. A. Spaulding and the Session of First United Presbyterian Church to effect an organization to be known as the Olympic Court United Presbyterian Church, with Rev. Robert E. Cooper as pastor.  Its membership of 18 persons consisted of five families, the Johnstones, John Clarks, William Clarks, the Besses, and the Blairs.
    Services were held in a tent put up on a wood frame until the new building, a "Swiss Cottage" church was built by the firm of Bliss, Brown, and Wilken at 7514 Orin Court. It took 18 months and cost $2613.  The church had a sanctuary, Sunday School room, and primary department on the first floor and a classroom and utilities in the basement.
    On Sunday, November 6, 1904, Dr. W. A. Spaulding preached the dedicatory sermon. Later, a parsonage was built and the church was enlarged and remodeled several times. (This original building still exists along with the bell tower and bell in it.  It is now a private home.)
    The church's name was changed to Green Lake Presbyterian Church.
June 8, 1951
The congregation initiated a movement to relocate the church. This proposal received careful consideration. Several of the church families lived north of the church in an area called Parkwood, between North 155th and North 185th Streets and east of Aurora Avenue.  The pastor at the time, Rev. Barnes found a two-acre site at North 160th St and Stone Ave that could be purchased for $6,800.  There were no churches in the immediate vicinity and no Presbyterian churches within miles.
October 2, 1951
A contract was signed with Mr. Turner, architect, to make plans for a new church, and at the congregational meeting held on January 18, 1952, the name "Trinity" was chosen for the church.
December 7, 1952
The last worship service was held at the Greenlake church building. The first service in the new location was held December 14, 1952. The new church building was dedicated January 11, 1953.
December 10, 1961
A new landmark was reached in the life of the church when ground was broken for a new, larger sanctuary and fellowship hall.
December 25, 1962
On Christmas morning, December 25, 1962 there were 550 people crowded into the two services that inaugurated the worship services in the new sanctuary which continues in use.

February, 2004
    Trinity celebrated 100 years of ministry and mission.  A grand celebration was held that was attended by several previous pastors, many former members, as well current church members. A set of banners was constructed on which the last names of all members for the 100 years were embroidered.

August 7, 2011  Merger with Bethel Presbyterian Church
    During the first half of 2011 a commission of the Seattle Presbytery worked on behalf of Trinity and Bethel Presbyterian Churchs as they examined the potential for joining their two congregations. Founded almost 100 years ago, Bethel decided that their small size was not viable going forward. The Rev. Jim Berkeley had been the designated pastor at Bethel and his contracted term of service ended on July 31.

    With great joy, the Trinity congregation welcomed the Bethel congregation to life and worship together with a joining worship service on Sunday, August 7, 2011. The Rev. Randall Butler as senior pastor of Trinity remained as the senior pastor of the combined churches.

April 1, 2013  Partnership with Vineyard Community Church
    After six months of prayer, meetings, and planning, the Vineyard Community Church moved in to share space in the Trinity church building. VCC needed a new home, our mission and values were congruent, and both churches saw the opportunity to serve more effectively by collaborative action than each could do separately.  This was not a merger. Each church maintained its own identity with its own worship service, its own governance, and its own budget. However, the two churches worked together on ministry and outreach. The first year was designated as one of discernment to determine if God was leading this to be a long term relationship. In spring 2014 the Session of Trinity and the Board of VCC determined that God was leading us to continue the relationship and a long term contract was established.

In the years since the founding of Trinity, many different pastors have served the congregation, hundreds of members have passed through its doors, and there have been numerous upgrades and improvements made to the building and its grounds. The congregation continues to serve God and share his love in this location. While the people and pastors may change over the years, the name of our church reminds us that the Trinity (God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit) never changes.